[VIDEO] How To Create An Amazing Marketing Offer Part 5 – The USP

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For any marketing offer to be AMAZING, it must contain a powerful unique selling proposition (USP).

The USP is a short, sharp statement about why your prospects and customers should choose your business and your products over your competition.

The USP should speak to the big thing (or things) that make you different, that are unique to you.

Here’s a little secret about USPs. 

In order for them to have the desired effect you only need to create the perception amongst your prospects that whatever they highlight is unique.

For example, your approach to how you ship your products may not be unique but if none of your competitors are talking about shipping in that particular way but you do. It has the perception of being unique just because yours is the only business that is talking about it.

The USP is essentailly a distillation of your wider marketing argument that forms part of your Marketing Message (see Part 2 of this series).

If you are unable to clearly articulate a USP right now…

It’s time to get to work. 

If you can’t explain why a prospect should buy from you in less than three sentences it’s highly likely that people visiting your website will not understand why they should buy from you either. 

So I encourage you to watch the video and get started on crafting a powerful unique selling proposition.

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