[VIDEO] How To Craft An Amazing Marketing Offer Part 2 – The Marketing Message

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The Marketing Message is one of the most overlooked elements of a businesses product or service offers.

An immature marketing message (what many businesses have) is NOT a valuable element of the greater offer. Nor does it effectively communicate the rest of the offer in a way that can be accepted by the majority of your market.

On the flip side, a well developed marketing message is valuable in and of itself. 

A well developed marketing message also communicates the other elements of the offer in a way that is able to be accepted and acted upon by a MAJORITY of your target marketing no matter what their awareness level (we go through the Prospect Awareness Pyramid) in the video.

Symptoms of an immature marketing message include a low conversion rate and an inability to price products and/or services at the top of the market.

Investing thought and time into the RIGHT Marketing Message will not only increase your conversion rate, it will also enable you to position your products or services as the premium option in your market (and you DO want to be that).

Watch this video to find out how you can start crafting awesome Marketing Messages that will grow your business.

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