Avoid Single-Shot Marketing Syndrome and


By Applying Geometric Growth Marketing to Your Business

Imagine what would happen if your business was able to turn $1 into $5 of revenue (or more) online…

How would it feel to know that you have a predictable, reliable and growing stream of qualified leads and customers knocking down your door to buy your products and/or services?

You would be able to confidently invest in the growth of your business.

You would feel successful amongst your peers, friends and family.

You would be able to enjoy the lifestyle of your choosing without the fear that things are about to fall apart at any moment…

You would be able to stop worrying about where your next customers are going to come from…

I’m going to show you how you can turn your business into an online leads and sales machine that consistently turns $1 into $5 or more.

I’m going to show you how you can realise the funds and the freedom to experience the success and lifestyle of YOUR choosing.

Hint…it’s not what the “gurus” are selling online…or what you are seeing on YouTube.

It's not the latest marketing "tactic" or "shiny object".

And it’s definitely NOT what most digital agencies will sell to you.

In fact, you may be surprised at just how simple it seems...

Where Does Growth Start?

When you get down to the nuts and bolts, there are only three basic ways to grow your business online.

Incidentally, these are true for any business;

1. Increase the number of new customers

2. Generate a higher average purchase value

3. Increase the amount of times a customer buys from you

Improve any one of these areas and your business will grow in a generally linear fashion…

Think of a straight diagonal line on a graph.

linear growth chart

If you make increases to all three at the same time your business will grow geometrically and exponentially.

Think of an upwards curving growth track on a graph.

exponential growth chart

What would you like your businesses growth to look like?

Geometric and exponential right?

We’ll come back to why these three leverage points work and more importantly how they work together in a few minutes.

First though, I wanted to dive into why many businesses struggle to consistently generate profitable leads and/or sales online…

  1. They struggle to make the leap from traditional marketing methods to digital marketing strategies and tactics.
  2. They are focussed on individual tactics and attack these one at a time with little attention to strategy
  3. They haven’t developed the "marketing basics" for their products or services
  4. Their website or landing pages do not convey the right information in the right way to enable website traffic to convert.
  5. They practice what we call “single-shot marketing” without acknowledging or respecting their ideal prospects journey towards becoming their customer
  6. They have no plan for generating repeat business. They don’t know how to get the 2nd and 3rd order from their existing customers.

If even one of these things is true for your business you will not find lasting success online.

Sure you might find short term success.

Be a “flash-in-the-pan”.

But you will struggle to sustain and grow a profitable online business for years to come.

Now if you are reading or listening to this and can identify one or more of the common problems above, I don’t want you to feel bad.

You’re definitely not alone.

You are probably much closer to where you want to be than you think.

I’ll tell you why in a moment…

Before we talk about how you can make the jump from where you are NOW to where you need to BE, I want to touch base on what I call “single-shot marketing”.

The Secret Business Roadblock

Single-shot marketing is one of the biggest, if not the biggest problem that prevents business owners from growing their business, revenue and profit consistently month after month online.

In a nutshell, single-shot marketing is where the online aspect of your business (which may be all of your business) is focused on “ones”.

What do I mean by “ones”?

It’s where your business relies on one big thing to drive sales and revenue.

It’s also where your business has one great big steaming single point of failure.

If that one thing breaks… your business is significantly impacted. In a bad way.

Here’s some examples of the most common “ones”.

One shot at converting your prospects into sales.

One primary source of online traffic.

One sale per customer.

To put this idea of “ones” into context, this is what many online businesses look like;

They rely on a single primary source of traffic to send prospects to a single landing page after which they make no active attempt to convert that prospect after the single visit.

They rely on the prospect to return under their own steam. If the prospect does become a paying customer they don’t have a plan to progress that customer past that one sale.

So they are taking a single shot at their prospects from a single source of traffic to make a single sale.

(*Note. I use the term "prospects" throughout this page. Prospect refers to an individual who is not yet a paying customer of your business but who has been exposed to your marketing and is part of your customer journey.)

Single-Shot Marketing.

Why is this a problem?

  1. The average online conversion (sale, lead, transaction) happens after 7 prospect touch points with the business.So if you are only actively seeking a single visit to your webpage with no followup, your chances of a high conversion rate are reduced.
  2. Finding a profitable source of traffic is great and you want to push that for all its worth.The issue is that it’s easy to get the blinkers on, get your vision narrowed down by the results from that source of traffic and stop exploring other alternatives. If that one source of traffic dies (and that can happen for many reasons) your business is screwed overnight.
  3. Only being able to rely on a single sale per customer means that you have to acquire a new customer for every sale.This is an expensive way to do business. If your competitors are making 2+ sales per customer over time they are making more profit per acquisition cost.This means that they can afford to outspend you to acquire a customer.

Only achieving single sales per customer also puts an artificial cap on the size of your market.

There are only so many prospects out there for what you are selling, you will see diminishing returns (sales) over time.

For the the three reasons listed above, you cannot truly grow a sustainable business with Single-Shot Marketing.

The reason is that Single-Shot Marketing creates results barriers and single points of failure.

There’s only so much traffic and revenue in Google Ads. Once you reach that you will either plateau or decline over time.

There’s only so much market size on Facebook.

What if competition increases on your main source of traffic?

What if your account gets shut down on your major source of traffic and revenue?

What if you are relying on a single marketing idea and message to sell your products or services and that loses traction?

We’ve seen million dollar businesses literally shut down overnight because they were banned from or unable to access their main source of traffic.

Because they had created a single point of failure.

This sort of business is NOT future-proof. It cannot be relied upon.

You can see growth from Single-Shot Marketing if you haven’t reached those barriers or experienced those single points of failure yet.

But you will.

And your business will only grow in a linear way.

In a slow way.

This is because single-shot marketers are only pulling one growth lever to build their business.

By the way, a majority of the digital agencies out there, that might be trying to sell you a service are made up of single-shot marketers selling a single-shot service.

They are focussed on a single source of traffic which they may do very well. But they cannot truly help you grow your business in a lasting way.

They can only help with linear growth.

With slow growth.

The Rise of The GGM

So what is the opposite of Single-Shot Marketing?

It’s what we call “Geometric Growth Marketing” (GGM for short).

GGM involves making multiple, active attempts generated on multiple traffic sources to convert every prospect with multiple offers.

When a prospect becomes a paying customer GGM involves a plan which is constantly executed to turn that customer into a multi-buy customer over time.

GGM constantly tugs on the three levers of business growth at the same time.

It constantly seeking to increase their overall number of customers.

It is about always finding ways to increase the average purchase price, and

It is about having a plan to make every new customer become a loyal, repeat customer over time.

GGM drives rapid geometric business growth.

There are six minimum ways that a Geometric Growth Marketer generates rapid growth;

  1. They develop and know the marketing basics for every product or offer they are marketing.
  2. They develop multiple profitable online traffic sources simultaneously.
  3. They constantly seek to increase the conversion rate of their campaigns/sales pages.
  4. They constantly retarget their online traffic in multiple ways.
  5. They have a nurture machine in place for existing customers.
  6. They can find and understand the data that the business produces and how to use this to their advantage.

You will note that above GGM activities are the exact opposite of the six ways that most business owners are currently falling down online.

Because a GGM is concurrently applying the three core ways to grow a business;

1. Increase the number of new customers

2. Generate a higher average purchase value

3. Increase the amount of times a customer buys from you

They are generating more sales at a lower cost than their competitors who are not applying a GGM approach.

And this is why pulling the three levers of business growth at the same time is so important.

If you are able to increase your number of new customers while charging higher average prices you are giving yourself a larger pool of first time customers to turn into repeat customers.

Once you have paid to acquire a customer, nurturing them towards the second or third sale is much cheaper.

You don’t have to pay to acquire them again.

Which means your profit margins are larger on the second and third sale than they were on the first sale.

So if you are growing your pool of first time customers, you have more customers who can buy again and again at the same higher average prices.

This equals more revenue AND more profit.

More profit equals more money you can invest towards acquiring more first time customers.

It generates a business growth cycle.

If you are doing a better job of this than your competition, you will create a growth cycle that crushes them into the dust.

You will be able to outspend them at every turn.

You will dominate your market.

Your business will have fewer single points of failure and be truly future-proof.

So to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

Successful, wealthy, financially free or finding increased time freedom…

You need to move your business from a Single-Shot Marketing approach to a GGM approach.

But can you become a Geometric Growth Marketer?

Of course you can.

Marketing and sales are not rocket science.

There’s so much information and learning within your reach.

All you need to do is…

Work out what you don’t know or do currently

Find the knowledge that you need and then consume that knowledge.

Consistently apply what you learn.

Test multiple different ways of applying what you learn to find the best results.

Fail a bunch of times until you learn what works for your exact business.

You will need to commit a significant amount of time and invest capital, some of which you need to be prepared to lose.

Now, if that isn’t your cup of tea…

If you want to get the results faster while allowing you the time to focus on the aspects of your business that you do best…

You could hire and build an internal team of Geometric Growth Marketers.

Not a bad option, assuming you have;

$30,000 per month to cover wages and on-costs.

The procedures in place to enable them to be successful.

An excellent ability to identify and hire the RIGHT marketers and avoid hiring the wrong people who will cost you time and money.

It’s possible but risky AND expensive.

There is a third option.

Another way for you to quickly apply this Geometric Growth approach to your business and start an unstoppable business growth cycle.

A way to get your business generating $5 or more for every $1 you invest in marketing.

A way for you to start pounding your competition into the dust.

But it’s not for everyone. I will go over this third option in detail in just a moment.

First though, I want to go over the 6 things that you need to get underway NOW if you want to apply Geometric Growth Marketing to your business for yourself.

We promised that you would learn from this experience. Please read on.

I’m not going to tell you exactly how to do each one in detail. But you will know where to get started and what to learn.

Do The Marketing Basics

Ok so I call these the “marketing basics” because they are the basic building blocks of any wildly successful online marketing campaign.

But that doesn’t mean that they are basic.

Far from it.

If you get these right, you will be able to run successful marketing campaigns that convert.

So what are the basics?

I’m talking about understanding your target customer and developing the unique big marketing idea(s) behind your products and services.

Building a marketing argument that convinces your prospects to buy your PRODUCT OR SERVICE from YOU.

Writing copy for your sales pages that develops emotions within your prospects.

Being able to articulate a unique selling proposition. Why should people buy from YOU and not your competitors.

Crafting explanations of the features and dimensionalized benefits that provide the logic about why someone should buy your product from you to support the emotion that you have developed.

Remember, people take action. People buy for emotional reasons first.

They then need to have those emotional reasons supported by logic.

If all you are doing is relying on lists of features and simple benefits to sell your products or services then you are only doing half the job of selling. You aren’t even doing any marketing yet.

Grow Multiple Profitable Traffic Sources

It’s no secret that online businesses must have traffic.

We’ve also seen that relying on a single big source of traffic (like Google or Facebook) threatens the growth and future of your business.

To truly grow your business in a sustainable way, you need to invest in the development of at least 3 profitable and scalable traffic sources.

It can be tempting to put this off, especially if you have something that is working really well right now.

It’s tempting to just focus on growing that more.

But you need to spread out. You need to diversify.

So what traffic sources are right for you?

There’s no set answer to that question.

You need to be guided by your market. You need to be where your prospects are online.

So the answer for a business that serves 21 year old women may well be different to a business that serves 55 year old male property investors.

Be guided by your target customer research that you complete as part of the Marketing Basics.

There is however one place though that almost all businesses need to be…

That is search engines (think Google, Bing etc).

When customers want to find somewhere to spend money. The overwhelmingly turn to search engines.

Regardless of age, gender or profession, a large portion of your market uses search.

So whether it is paid ads or organic SEO results (preferably both), your customers need to be able to find you on Google and any other search platforms you feel relevant.

How Well Do You Convert?

The best way to increase the number of new customers and your rate of repeat purchases without increasing your marketing costs is to increase your conversion rate.

(Note* "Conversion" refers to your prospect(s) taking the action that your marketing is targeting. So it may be an online sale, or filling in a lead form, or calling your sales team)

You need to find every opportunity within your sales process to convert more prospects into paying customers.

Now, the mistake many people make with conversion rate optimisation is that they focus on little tweaks, like changing the colour of a button or the position of an image or the layout of the checkout page.

Those things are great but they aren’t the big movers of conversion rate.

Sure changing your add to cart button from red to green might increase your conversion rate by 10%…

But that’s still only moving your conversion rate from say 1% to 1.1% (if your starting rate is 1% conversion rate). Hardly significant.

Your conversion optimisation journey needs to start outside of your business.

The first thing you need to do is a complete teardown of your market and your competition.

The reality is that in 2019 almost all customers will comparison shop to some degree or another.

They are always looking at their options.

Whether they are buying a physical product, an information product or a service they will be looking at more than just you.

If your “offer” isn’t better than you competitors…

If your “offer isn’t unique or contains at least some unique elements…

Then it doesn’t matter how optimised your website is, you will not significantly grow your business online.

A great website doesn’t overcome a poor offer.

On the flip side, if you have a stellar offer you can still grow your business even if your website/landing pages are not the most amazing in your market.

So what do I mean by your “offer”?

Many people make the mistake of assuming that offer equals price.

While price is an element of an offer… your offer is about so much more than price.

Your offer includes the following;

  • Marketing (including the Big Marketing Ideas, see above)
  • Price
  • Shipping (physical products)
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP)
  • Risk Reversal
  • Customer Service
  • Trust Factors
  • Value Delivery

What you need to do is analyze your market on these factors.

Build a map of what is already out there and then find ways to differentiate yourself.

The key is to as much as possible make your business and your products or services a unique proposition and NOT a commodity.

If what you offer and do is the same (or worse) than your competition then you will become commoditized. And your job of turning prospects into customers, of getting people to convert during your sales process is infinitely more difficult.

If you can make yourself a unique proposition one the other hand, selling is easy. A unique proposition does not have direct competition, it operates in its own space.

Now I get it, that all sounds easier said than done.

You might be sitting there thinking “that’s great Jon but I sell the same product as other businesses and I can’t compete on price, or I’m locked into a set minimum price.”

Remember, price is just one of the offer elements. It is not the be all and end all.

You can still be a unique proposition with the same core product and price.

What you have to do in this case is blow your marketing, USP, risk reversal, value, trust and customer service out of the water.

Do those things better or in a unique way and you can overcome the less unique elements of your offer.

Now if you offer a unique service or product your job is much easier but you still have to focus on nailing every element of your offer(s) in order to boost your conversion rate.

Once you’ve done the work on constructing your unique offer, you need to scream it to the rafters.

Don’t hide it. Don’t be ashamed of it.

Bake it into every element of your sales process. Make sure that it can’t be ignored.

Then, once you’ve built a stellar offer you should start worrying about what colour your add to cart button is.

Are You A Stalker?

Ok, jokes about retargeting and stalking aside.

How do you currently follow your prospects through their customer journey?

Do you collect emails?

Do you run retargeting ads?

Do you have any variation in your retargeting message?

The average customer has 7 touch points with a business before they purchase online.

If you are selling lower priced products that may be less. If you are selling much higher priced products it might be more.

Those touch points could be with your ads, your website, your social channels or your customer service team.

The key factor here is that these touchpoints happen over time.

They don’t usually happen within 1 hour.

They happen over 2 days, 3 days, a week…

What else do you think your prospects are doing in that time?

They are doing research. They are comparing you to their other options. They haven’t made their mind up yet.

You can’t leave them alone to make that decision by themselves. You need to make sure you remain at the front of their mind.

People are constantly bombarded with information online, with offers and you need to make sure you aren’t forgotten before they make a decision.

There are three mistakes businesses make when it comes to retargeting;

  1. They don’t do it at all
  2. They only use a single retargeting message (e.g. get 10% off if you buy now)
  3. They don’t retarget existing customers

Effective retargeting will increase your conversion rate, new customer numbers AND it can also boost your repeat sales.

So you are hitting 2 of the 3 core business growth mechanisms.

What you need to do to introduce a GGM approach to retargeting in your business is to;

Start retargeting your prospects and existing customers with multiple, segmented messages across multiple retargeting channels.

Don’t just retarget your website visitors with a single standard message. Run multiple messages that engage them with offers of assistance, valuable content and different products and/or services.

Remember, the goal of retargeting is to keep your offer at the front of your prospects mind until they are either persuaded or ready to buy from you.

The path to persuasion or the elements needed to persuade will vary from prospect to prospect so you need to be able to deliver a variety of marketing messages to make sure you aren't leaving any prospect behind.

In a similar way, you need to deliver your retargeting messages across different platforms. Don’t just rely on Google, or just Facebook.

Each platform can deliver retargeting messages in different ways and formats. Some people will respond to Google ads while other might respond better to email.

Don’t automatically exclude your prospects by not retargeting them in the place where they will respond to it best.

Love and Nurture Your Customers

The single, most powerful thing that any business can do to grow their revenue and profit is to increase the rate at which existing customers make repeat purchases.

These are typically referred to as “back-end offers” or “back-end purchases”.

And it’s where the real money is made.


Because once you have paid to acquire a customer you don’t have to pay to acquire them again. So your profits margins are higher on the 2nd and 3rd sales.

But it doesn’t stop there. It’s not just cheaper to make repeat sales to existing customers… it’s also easier.

It’s much easier to convince an existing customer to purchase from you than it is t0 c0nvince a prospect who has had no interaction with your business before.

It’s also easier to get an existing customer to spend MORE with your business, to increase your average order value.

That’s because you have already established trust and value (assuming you are providing a quality product or service). You don’t have to convince them again.

But this doesn’t happen by accident.

You have to work at developing the relationship you have with your customers. Like any relationship (and that is how you should view it) you need to stay in touch, you need to communicate and you need to add value to your customers life.

Almost universally, the best way to do that is with email marketing (Facebook Messenger marketing is also excellent at this).

If you do not currently have an email marketing system operating in your business then this could be the biggest growth opportunity you have today.

Email offers an unparalleled way for you to have an ongoing and detailed conversion with a captive audience. And it can be two way.

Statistics are consistently there to back this up. For years running now vast amounts of research point to email returning at least $30 for every $1 spent on it.

Almost no other marketing channel can boast even close to that sort of return at scale.

Email marketing is at the core of the GGM approach. It’s a must.

So if you aren’t doing it now, or if you are only sending the odd email blast…

You need to build an email marketing system that is a mix of automated and manual email sequences to engage and nurture your existing customers to their next purchase.

To support that you also need to have identified the product or service pathway to those multiple purchases.

If you are currently unable to see how you will make more than one sale per customer over time, you are in trouble.

Here’s why.

If you are competing against other businesses who are able to generate multiple sales per customer, you are at a disadvantage.

I mentioned earlier that the 2nd or 3rd sales per customer are more profitable.

Those sales provide you more money to invest in acquiring more first time customers.

So you can spend more money on marketing to get the first sale.

So if your competitors are able to generate multiple sales per customer and you aren’t, they are more profitable than you.

In turn they will  then be able to throw more money at their marketing efforts in comparison to you.

History usually shows that the business that can afford to spend the most to acquire a customer, wins.

So if you currently can’t see how you will generate a 2nd or 3rd sale from your existing product or service base, you need to prioritise this.

You may need to find additional products or tweak your existing services.

It may take time and money but I will guarantee that if you can find the product or service pathway to generate multiple sales per customer your business will grow and your profit will increase.

Know Your Data

Your business is constantly producing data.

A Geometric Growth Marketer understands is how to find, interpret and take action on their businesses data.

They are able to use the right data to support their business growth decisions.

To know where to allocate marketing budget.

To know which campaigns are performing and which aren’t.

To know how their marketing is performing and which steps in their marketing campaigns need to be tweaked.

To understand their prospects buying cycle and journey.

If you don’t include data in your decision making process then you are relying on your gut only.

Gut feel is often important but in the long run you will lose more than you win if that is all you rely on.

You will be gambling with your success and future.

So you need to learn where to find your business data. Ideally you rely on multiple sources, like Google Analytics or Facebook Ads or a heat mapping software or your ecommerce platform.

Once you know where to find your business data, you need to know what data points you need to access for the decisions you have to make. It will vary.

As you become better at using data to support your decision making process you will also get a better understanding of your business and market.

You will start to see patterns emerging in your market and amongst your customers.

You will be able to start predicting what will happen next to make the right decisions ahead of time.

This will help you to do everything you need to do to be a Geometric Growth Marketer. You will be better at acquiring more new customers, you will have a better understanding of how to increase your average sale value and you will have a better understanding of how to nurture your existing customers to their next sale.

The Third Option

Ok, so earlier I promised we’d take a look at the third option to apply Geometric Growth Marketing to your business.

I said earlier that this option isn’t for everyone.

It’s not for you if you are afraid of growing your business quickly.

It’s not for you if you aren’t prepared to do what’s necessary to win.

And it’s not for you if you are stuck in your ways and aren’t prepared to change the way you currently do things online.

If this sounds like you, please stop reading. Close this web page and thank you for your time.

Best of luck.

You now know what you need to do to change the growth trajectory of your business online. You've now got the basic strategies. 

On the other hand.

If you are excited about the prospect of growing your business online quickly and profitably…

If you are prepared to do whatever it takes to win, and

If you are prepared to make the right changes to how you currently do things to lock in your success…

Keep reading.

I would like to introduce you to the third way that you can apply geometric growth to your online business.

The Single-Shot Marketing Killer

You can kill Single-Shot Marketing Syndrome by partnering with us here at Traffic x Conversion²  and applying our tc² Geometric Growth System to your business.

Our unique approach to online business growth is unlike anything else you will see offered by a digital agency.

It’s also backed by an unbeatable results guarantee and completely transparent pricing.

Back to that guarantee in a minute…

When you partner with us you will be working with a team of Geometric Growth Marketers.

It’s like having your own in-house team of marketers.

Without the management headaches and at a much lower cost.

Our team has experience with over 400 online businesses.

We’ve worked with these businesses directly as either system partners or via direct business growth consulting.

We’ve worked across a diverse range of industries and categories.

We’ve worked with ecommerce businesses selling cosmetics, golf clubs, wine coolers, bathroom vanities, home lighting, clothing and apparel, lingerie, fireplaces…literally everything including the kitchen sink.

We’ve worked with service providers, mortgage brokers, plumbers, builders and cleaners.

The benefit of this broad experience is that we’ve seen what works AND  what doesn’t work.

Your business is unique and we deliver our solution completely bespoke and unique to your business.

Our broad experience enables us to quickly cut through the nonsense and identify what are the best options available to suit your business, then put them into action for you.

So what makes us different?

Why are we better placed to help you than other digital agencies?

I said earlier that most agencies are Single-Shot Marketers or Single-Shot Agencies.

They usually specialise in just one or two traffic sources or marketing channels. Like Google Ads or SEO or Email Marketing.

Those are all great.

In fact we also offer those as individual services if a partner specifically asks us just to do one thing.

The Single-Shot Agency might even be amazing at that one thing that they specialise in.

They may generate you good results initially.

But these will plateau over time if they are applied in isolation.

Single traffic sources only have so much traffic. They can only retarget your website visitors in so many different ways.

They don’t drive geometric growth.

And they can fail at any moment.

Leaving you high and dry.

On the flip-side… 

When you utilise our tc² Geometric Growth System we do the following;

  1. We develop the big marketing ideas for your business and products/services. This is almost always ignored by other agencies and is the foundation for wildly successful marketing campaigns.
  2. We identify and then exploit 3+ traffic sources that we know based on deep research best fit your products AND your target market. You will no longer be reliant on a single source of traffic. Your businesses traffic supply will be future proof.
  3. We make sure your sales process converts. We go over your website or landing pages with a fine tooth comb to make sure they are totally built to maximise conversions from your traffic. It doesn’t matter how great your traffic is, if your landing pages are poor you won’t make money. If you convert leads offline we will also work with you on your offline sales process. Increasing your conversion rate increases your profit without an increase in marketing costs. It will allow you to invest more than your competitors OR put more money in your pocket.
  4. We build and manage a complete retargeting system to follow your prospects through their customer journey and persuade them to finalise their first purchase.
  5. We build and manage an online cultivation machine to keep your existing and new customers engaged and excited to complete their second and third purchases with you and beyond.
  6. Finally, we collect, analyse, decode and deliver your businesses data to you so that you can make informed business decisions to continue growing your business for years to come without having to resort to guesswork.

We build and manage YOUR complete Geometric Growth Marketing System to predictably, consistently and profitably grow your business online.

In a nutshell, what makes us different is that we are simultaneously growing your business with the 3 fundamental growth strategies…

1. Increase the number of new customers

2. Generate a higher average purchase value

3. Increase the amount of times a customer buys from you

This approach is what enables us to drive your business towards turning $1 into $5 or more online.

But what sets us apart is not just the work that we do.

It’s also the results guarantee that we provide to you our partner.

Most digital agencies give you NO results guarantee whatsoever other than to say that they will perform the service that you have purchased.

They do not guarantee that service will produce any results at all.

We are not those agencies.

Before you become a Traffic x Conversion² partner we provide you with a performance agreement that sets out the results that we will generate for you and the timeframe it will take to generate those results.

You will know the exact details of what we are guaranteeing BEFORE you pay us a cent.

If you don’t like what you see, you can walk away.

If you would like to propose different targets we will discuss those with you.

Once you confirm your acceptance of that performance agreement we will sign it and provide you with a copy of your first IQ Results Guarantee.

Our IQ Results Guarantee will state that we will achieve our target results in our target timeframe or you won’t pay us another cent until we do.

But it’s not just that we will work for FREE.

We are taking this one step further.

We will actually pay you back the monthly management fee that you pay us each month until we hit our targets.

We will be paying you to let us hit our targets.

This is unprecedented in the digital marketing world.

Our IQ Results Guarantee will give you the protection and confidence to take the next big step.

You will be able to relax and properly focus on the rest of the job of managing your business without worrying about your online marketing.

Other digital agencies are going to HATE us.

But we are proud of our IQ Results Guarantee.

Now as I’ve said, the tc² Geometric Growth System is definitely not for everyone.

We will only agree to partner with you if we think you have the right business and the right mindset to take advantage of this system.

We are open and transparent.

If we don’t think we can grow your business, we won’t agree to partner with you.

We’re different to a lot of other agencies out there.

Most agencies will be happy to take your money to provide a single service for a few months and if things don’t work out they will just close the door and say “Sorry and thanks for your time (and money).”

That’s not how we work.

If we don’t think our system can grow your business, we won’t agree to partner with you.

I mentioned earlier that the tc² Geometric Growth System is a completely bespoke system.

That means we develop a unique formula tailored to your product or service AND your market.

There are no cookie cutters here.

Applying templates is for amateurs and delivers mediocre results at best.

Because this is a bespoke system we need to know more about your business before we can say what we will do and whether you are the right fit for the system.

The first step for you to find out if we are the right partner for you is to book a 100% no obligation discussion with us today.

You will actually speak with me, Jon Warren the tc² Founder and CEO, on that call.

On your call we will talk about where your business is at right now, where you would like to be in the future and we will start to explore how we can work together.

Usually these calls go for around 30 minutes.

But it doesn’t stop there.

After our call we are going to prepare and deliver to you a complete strategy report where we will set out the exact ways and the exact steps we will take to grow your business.

It will also set out for you the exact arrangement we suggest in order for us to work together (timeframes, costs etc).

Usually we would charge at least $600 and often much more for this strategy report.

It’s yours for FREE.

There’s no obligations on your behalf.

You can choose to go no further than that and we will respect your choice.

You can keep the report and put it into action without us if you like.

Or you can choose to partner with us and grow your business to new heights.

The first step is to book your call by clicking the blue button below.

Book in today.

We are not able to provide this service to an unlimited amount of businesses AND we will only do 15 FREE strategy reports per month.

I will pull this page down once our limits are reached.

We do things right. We don't overlaod our team.

Generally we don’t onboard more than 5 businesses per month.

That means if you wait and we already have a queue you will go onto a wait list and delay your business growth potentially for months to come.

Let’s get it done together.

It’s time to be able to confidently invest in the growth of your business.

It’s time to feel successful amongst your peers, friends and family.

And it’s definitely time to start enjoying the lifestyle of your choosing without the fear that things are about to fall apart at any moment…

Stop worrying about where your next customers are going to come from…

Book your call today and start your exciting journey towards geometric business growth, success and your ideal life.

Thank you very much for your time. I look forward to talking with you very soon.

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