92% of consumers search online before making a purchase. Over 85% of these searchers utilise organic search engine results.

Imagine if those potential customers found your business first….

Get Guaranteed Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Results

What would it feel like to have a steady and predictable stream of quality website visitors and leads flowing into your business?

Visitors that are eager to talk to you, or to buy your products and services.

Visitors that you don’t have to pay for like with paid ads…

Sounds too good to be true, right?

So what’s the catch?

Well, search engine optimization takes time.

You need to make an investment to experience the growth that the right SEO strategy can deliver.

Unfortunately this has led to the explosion of borderline scammers.

People who are happy to take your money for a couple of months or more and in the end deliver little to nothing in return.

You might have experienced this. You might be looking for something better.

See what happens commonly is that SEO “gurus” apply cookie cutter approaches to every business they work with.

They don’t take the time to properly research YOUR business, YOUR market and YOUR competition.

They don’t develop a unique strategy to grow your traffic and your business.

They want to tell you about rankings and impressions and clicks but never mention revenue or profit…

Their approaches might have worked once or twice but the reality is that every business is different, every market is different.

Now we aren’t saying these people are inherently bad people (although some certainly are) who are purposefully trying to scam you.

They just don’t have the up to date knowledge, experience or desire to constantly test to get the best results.

There is no one size fits all approach to search engine optimization.

What works in SEO this year may well change by next year or sooner!

So, what do we do differently?

  • Revenue and Profit. We focus on 2 things. Revenue and Profit. Yes we rank your website and grow traffic, but only for search terms that are valuable for your business.
  • Transparency. We will hand you hand you a complete report that outlines our strategy for growing your business BEFORE you agree to work with us. No obligations.
  • Guaranteed Results. Before we start working on your account we will set and agree with you a set of KPIs and timeframes. If we don’t meet these KPIs in our agreed timeframes, we work for FREE until we do.
  • Honesty. We are completely transparent. If we don’t think we can help you, we won’t agree to work with you.

Find out how you can dominate your market with search engine optimization (Google) and destroy your competition today.


customer results showing return on spend data


BEFORE we do anything we work with you to disect your market, competition, find your ideal customers and work out what it is that will drive them crazy for your products or services.

We help you develop killer offers back by the "Big Marketing Idea" that will explode the growth of our marketing campaigns.

This is the secret to amazing marketing campaigns and it's what agencies never do.


We focus on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Revenue and Profit. Or more much you are making.

Most advertising agencies focus on vanity metrics like clicks and impressions.

While these are nice, they are meaningless if they aren't producing conversions.

Every ad we run is designed to do one thing. Generate revenue and profit for your business and turn $1 into at least $5.


Traffic x Conversions Client Results Screenshot showing ROAS results
tc² client results screenshot showing revenue and other data


There's much more to great results than simply increasing traffic.

Your landing pages (website) needs to convert website visitors into raving leads and customers.

We don't just manage your traffic (what most agencies do), we also work with you to make sure that your landing pages are making the most of the visitors we send to them (what most agencies don't do).



Marketing physical products requires the right knowledge but more importantly, direct experience.

We have over 5 years experience profitable marketing ecommerce products on Google Ads. Not just our clients' ecommerce sites, our own as well.

We have a deep understanding of and work extensively with dropshippers, private labellers and traditional ecommerce businesses around the world.


traffic x conversion google ads results screenshots
traffic x conversion ecommerce marketing



When you become a tc² client, we discuss and agree with you a set of KPIs (results) and timeframes before we start work.

If we don't meet our KPIs in the timeframe agreed... your future management costs are waived until we meet our KPIs.

Find out more.



When you book your FREE, no obligation 30 minute session with one of our Specialists, we are going to give you a 100% FREE Traffic and Conversion audit.

We will discuss and walk through this audit on your strategy call.

Our audit is going to show you the exact steps and opportunities we would use to grow your business online. The report is completely unique to your business, no cookie cutters here!

There is no obligation here. You are 100% welcome to do nothing more and take action on the strategies that we provide you without our involvement.

Normally we charge these audits for over $600. It’s yours for FREE with no strings attached when you book in today.