[VIDEO] How To Craft An Amazing Marketing Offer Part 4 – Delivery

by | May 27, 2019 | 0 comments

How you deliver your products or services is an important element of your marketing offer.

Your prospects want to know how quickly painlessly you can provide what they have paid for.

Not only that but how your deliver on your offer can also be used as a competitive advantage.

Make your delivery better or more unique than your competitors and you will be rewarded with more customers and happy customers.

This can be a particularly effective strategy where you can’t compete or demonstrate a difference in other areas of your marketing offer. E.g. price.

Don’t just stop a being better than everyone else though, have a think about whether you can truly go above and beyond on delivery. 

Can you use custom packaging?

Can you provide and online user experience for digital products that is unlike anything anyone has seen before?

Can you deliver your service in a way that your customer barely even notices? That has no friction on their life?

Once you’ve built a compelling and unique approach to deliver, make sure it is baked into your marketing offer and your USP. We’re going to dive into the USP in our next video so make sure you catch that one as well. 

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