Successful businesses rely on the data that their business produces to make informed decisions time and time again that work.

Stop guessing what to do next and hear what your business is telling you.

Understand Your Business with Data Analytics

Imagine you have $5000 to invest in the stock market (let’s start with small bikkies).

You don’t have an existing portfolio. This is your first time.

What would you do first?

You might ask people you know for recommendations…

You might read some books or magazines to build you knowledge…

You are going to start forming an idea about the individual stocks you would like to invest in.

You will know what sort of performance you are looking for. How much of a return you want over x amount of time.

You are going to start researching individual stocks to assess what their future prospects hold.

How they are going to perform in the future. Whether they will meet your investment goals.

You want to dive into the businesses available data to understand where their strengths and weaknesses lie.

Then you will pick the options where that data suggests you will find the best return on your investment.

On the flip side. If you just ran out and put $5000 into a stock based on your gut feel or because you like the name, your chances of success are not good.

You might strike it lucky. But more than likely you will not see a return that meets your goals.

Running a business is not dissimilar to investing.

Every day you are making decisions big and small that will decide whether your business reaches the goals that you set.

The problem is that many business owners are making these decisions on the fly, based on what their gut tells them.

Now you DO need to listen to your own intuition. After all, no one knows your business as well as you do.

But you need to supplement that intuition with data. Data is what helps you to know for sure whether what you gut is telling you to do is the RIGHT thing to do.

Every business that operates at least in part online produces tons of data.

Data on traffic, user behaviour, product performance, conversions… the list goes on.

Sometimes there is so much data it’s tough just working out where to start.

That’s where we come in.

We will harness the power of your businesses data.

We use powerful software to identify the right data points, extract those data points and package them into easy to understand reports that you can use every day in your business.

This will allow you to make business decisions based on fact and not just hunches.

But not only that.

Data has the power to help you PREDICT what is going to happen in your business in the future.

It will help you to know when and where to invest your time and cash to get the business results you have been dreaming of.

Stop relying on your gut alone and schedule a call with one of our data nerds today to find out how your business can tell you what to do next.




customer results showing return on spend data


BEFORE we do anything we work with you to disect your market, competition, find your ideal customers and work out what it is that will drive them crazy for your products or services.

We help you develop killer offers back by the "Big Marketing Idea" that will explode the growth of our marketing campaigns.

This is the secret to amazing marketing campaigns and it's what agencies never do.


We focus on Return on Ad Spend (ROAS), Revenue and Profit. Or more much you are making.

Most advertising agencies focus on vanity metrics like clicks and impressions.

While these are nice, they are meaningless if they aren't producing conversions.

Every ad we run is designed to do one thing. Generate revenue and profit for your business and turn $1 into at least $5.


Traffic x Conversions Client Results Screenshot showing ROAS results
tc² client results screenshot showing revenue and other data


There's much more to great results than simply increasing traffic.

Your landing pages (website) needs to convert website visitors into raving leads and customers.

We don't just manage your traffic (what most agencies do), we also work with you to make sure that your landing pages are making the most of the visitors we send to them (what most agencies don't do).



Marketing physical products requires the right knowledge but more importantly, direct experience.

We have over 5 years experience profitable marketing ecommerce products on Google Ads. Not just our clients' ecommerce sites, our own as well.

We have a deep understanding of and work extensively with dropshippers, private labellers and traditional ecommerce businesses around the world.


traffic x conversion google ads results screenshots
traffic x conversion ecommerce marketing



When you become a tc² client, we discuss and agree with you a set of KPIs (results) and timeframes before we start work.

If we don't meet our KPIs in the timeframe agreed... your future management costs are waived until we meet our KPIs.

Find out more.



When you book your FREE, no obligation 30 minute session with one of our Specialists, we are going to give you a 100% FREE Traffic and Conversion audit.

We will discuss and walk through this audit on your strategy call.

Our audit is going to show you the exact steps and opportunities we would use to grow your business online. The report is completely unique to your business, no cookie cutters here!

There is no obligation here. You are 100% welcome to do nothing more and take action on the strategies that we provide you without our involvement.

Normally we charge these audits for over $600. It’s yours for FREE with no strings attached when you book in today.