[Video] How To Craft An Amazing Marketing Offer Part 3 – Price

by | May 27, 2019 | 0 comments

A trap that many marketers fall into is focussing too much on the price element of their marketing offers.

Yes it’s important to have a price that is competitive and one that will ensure you can be profitable.

But you don’t want to get stuck in the trap of worrying that your prospects (people who haven’t bought from you yet) and customers will think that your product or service “is too expensive” or “isn’t worth that much”.

The reality is that these sort of objections are usually not actually based on the fact that your prospects don’t have any money.

They are actually based on the fact that your prospect doesn’t understand the value that they will receive in return for the price that you are asking.

So how do you address these objections while still maintaining your pricing?

Or better put, how do you become the premium priced option in your market?

You make sure that your marketing message conveys the value that your your product or service AND your business provides.

If your prospects percieve that you provide more value than your competitors they will be prepared to pay you more. 

Focus on value not price. 

Happy Days. 

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